We currently offer the following schools:

Fundamental Skills - The ideal candidate for the fundamentals school may or may not have ridden off-road or on gravel before and wants to feel more comfortable on a bike & gain the confidence that they can control their machine on or off the beaten path.

IntermediateThe ideal candidate for the dual sport intermediate school has ventured off-road some but still needs help with managing obstacles.  Up until now all that they have learned has been on their own and they feel that they could benefit from some instruction.  They feel that they lack a general understanding of motorcycle dynamics and that having a better understanding would improve their riding.

AdvancedThe ideal candidate for the advanced dual sport school has reached a stage where they can handle some pretty gnarly terrain!  They have been on some epic rides but there is always someone that is able to go places that they cannot or they seem to struggle when others do not.  At this point they realize that there is always something new to learn & see with this sport!

Signing up for our 3-Day Adventure Riding School gets you all three days of schools plus one of the much desired Adventure Riders International T-shirts.

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